Kevin & Kate


Handing on the torch....

Just before Christmas Kevin and I took ownership of Tony & Marj Allan's 
wonderful project- Cranberries Westland. 
We think its a  fascinating and extraordinary business- this business 
of growing and processing NZ Cranberries. 

We're settling into life on this lovely little Cranberry farm 
here on the Old Christchurch Road in Hokitika.
Kevin has been working alongside Tony since the harvest in April  
and I  came on board a little later- spending time with Tony 
in the kitchen and  Marj in the  office.  

So off we go- into the new year and  the excitement of a new 
business venture. 

We wish Tony & Marj the very, very  best on their many adventures.   
No fresh Cranberries to photograph at this time of the year- 
just these frozen ones,recently made into our first bactch of 
Cranberry Relish.  

Customer, friend, grower or just interested? 
Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Kate Buckley & Kevin Mac Gregor


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