2 thoughts on “Nine 2 Noon- Talking Cranberry Farming with Kathryn Ryan 23 July 2018

  1. I was in Auckland in November and had cranberries with a dish and discovered they were grown in NZ. Living here in Middleboro, Ma with Ocean Spray a mile distant and Decas Cranberries a town over I decided to look it up after my return. Saw your video’s and it is certainly “Old School” on harvesting, sorting, and processing. So some questions: Where did you get the plants? Which variety do you use? When were the bogs created? How many bogs acres under cultivation? How many barrels per acre do you harvest? Do you do any juice blends with the wide variety of fruit available in NZ?


    • Hi Rick, thanks for getting in touch!
      We’re a very small operation, only a few acres under cranberries so far. More beds in process. Our cranberries are mostly Pilgrim.
      Yes, we’re looking at some juice partnerships and other products. Do get in touch, our email is cranberriesnz@gmail.com and were always interested talking Cranberries. Kate


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