Waiting for Harvest 2020

When is a cranberry ripe?

Our cranberries are slowly turning from cream to crimson… But redness does not indicate ripeness. Though it does help.

Cranberries are naturally tart. Gooseberry,  sour apple kind,  make a strange face kind of tart, to be honest. So sweetness is not a good indicator.

The seeds tell us when the berries are ripe.        cranberry ripe seeds                          At the moment those little brown seeds are white… we’re waiting for them to turn toasty brown and then we will start to harvest.

Fingers crossed we’ll have a lovely sunny March here in Hokitika – we could do with a drop of sunshine!

And of course- get in touch if you’d like to pre-order or to be on our mailing list


ripening 2 2020

Ripening Cranberries Cranberries NZ


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