Covid 19 and our harvest.

We’re very sorry to say- No fresh cranberries available this year.

Like everyone we have had to rethink our lives in the face of Covid 19 and make decisions that are safest for all.
Our cranberries are now ready to harvest. Normally we work with a gorgeous team of friends and neighbors for a few weeks, dodging the rain, harvesting and sorting cranberries and rushing to meet orders for fresh berries.
At the end of harvest we planned an open day and gathering for friends and neighbours at the farm. A wee party before we put the cranberries to bed for the winter. It is a busy and important time of the year and its one that we enjoy greatly.
This year it will be different. Kevin and I will harvest and sort the cranberries together.  All the fruit will go straight to the freezer and be held for processing later in the year.
At every stage  we will take the greatest care and of course,  we are adhering to all level 4 guidelines.
This means that we will not have fresh cranberries for sale in 2020.  We expect to supply frozen berries and our cranberry products as usual at the end of the year.
Thank you for understanding our decisions on this- we think its the safest and wisest way to keep everything for now.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help with.
Aroha tetahi ki tetahi!  Love and care for each other!
K& K

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