Growing, growing… cranberries for 2021

All quiet on the cranberry farm at this time of the year.

The berries are ripening nicely on the vines and we’re hoping that this year we’ll have a good crop. In part that’s because we had an opportunity to give many of the plants an R&R season in 2020.

Lockdown and harvest were simultaneous and we made the decision to harvest only what we could- no helpers on farm last year, just Kevin and I. We couldn’t sell fresh cranberries, everything went to the freezer. The most memorable part of the harvest was the challenge of getting the cranberries over the alps to Christchurch and the commercial freezing site. Our usual couriers- though incredibly helpful, could not get them delivered in time, so we were left with a LOT of cranberries and no way to get them to Christchurch. I remember sitting at the desk and taking a deep breath, time to start thinking laterally- again.

A few phonecalls later the wonderful Jana & Glen Monk- Aubergine growers form Hari Hari- kindly offered to recue us. We borrowed a tractor to move the pallets and set the alarm for 1am to met their truck out at the cranberry farm. By the time we got up again to have breakfast our cranberries were safely delivered to the freezing facility in Christchurch and we knew that we could roll with whatever the rest of the year brought us.

We don’t often bring a tractor into the cranberry shed after midnight…. loading our crop during Lockdown 2020.
Growing, ripening… fingers crossed for 2021.

If you are interested in buying Cranberries we recommend that you buy them fresh during harvest This year we expect to supply for about 6 weeks from early April to the beginning of May.

Put them in your freezer- they keep free flow and really well- and you’ll have them for smoothies, sauces, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Get in touch if you’d like me to put your name on our mailing list and I’ll be in touch when we have cranberries available.

And enjoy these autumn evenings!


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