We have just started harvesting this year’s cranberries… the crop looks great and we’re expecting a good yield as we gave many of the plants a year off in 2020- lockdown and harvest were simultaneous for us.

So,  for the next month or six weeks on any fine day, you’ll find Kevin out harvesting cranberries.  This is not done by hand but with a hand-driven harvester, like an old-fashioned mower.  The combs on the mower pop the cranberries off the vines and into bins. From there they are washed, dried, and sorted. Its a time-consuming process, the harvester was imported from the US and is a 1923 patent.  

We are supplying directly only this year. 

Cranberries  will be available from mid-April- probably sooner 

Cranberries are not increasing in price this year –  $35 per kg + $10 min delivery. 

We plan to dispatch weekly on Mondays, or Tuesdays as Easter & Anzac are in April. 

Please get in touch  – cranberriesnz@gmail.com.  cranberrieswestland.com.  Kate 021 2528361/  03 7556883. 

Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll issue an invoice.   Payment can be by bank transfer or credit card. Cranberries will be dispatched on the Monday following. 

Harvest 2021 is underway!

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