Growing, growing… cranberries for 2021

All quiet on the cranberry farm at this time of the year.

The berries are ripening nicely on the vines and we’re hoping that this year we’ll have a good crop. In part that’s because we had an opportunity to give many of the plants an R&R season in 2020.

Lockdown and harvest were simultaneous and we made the decision to harvest only what we could- no helpers on farm last year, just Kevin and I. We couldn’t sell fresh cranberries, everything went to the freezer. The most memorable part of the harvest was the challenge of getting the cranberries over the alps to Christchurch and the commercial freezing site. Our usual couriers- though incredibly helpful, could not get them delivered in time, so we were left with a LOT of cranberries and no way to get them to Christchurch. I remember sitting at the desk and taking a deep breath, time to start thinking laterally- again.

A few phonecalls later the wonderful Jana & Glen Monk- Aubergine growers form Hari Hari- kindly offered to recue us. We borrowed a tractor to move the pallets and set the alarm for 1am to met their truck out at the cranberry farm. By the time we got up again to have breakfast our cranberries were safely delivered to the freezing facility in Christchurch and we knew that we could roll with whatever the rest of the year brought us.

We don’t often bring a tractor into the cranberry shed after midnight…. loading our crop during Lockdown 2020.
Growing, ripening… fingers crossed for 2021.

If you are interested in buying Cranberries we recommend that you buy them fresh during harvest This year we expect to supply for about 6 weeks from early April to the beginning of May.

Put them in your freezer- they keep free flow and really well- and you’ll have them for smoothies, sauces, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Get in touch if you’d like me to put your name on our mailing list and I’ll be in touch when we have cranberries available.

And enjoy these autumn evenings!


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Cranberry products for Christmas

Our cranberry products are available directly, or from our wonderful fine food suppliers this Christmas!

Cranberry Relish

Slow cooked cranberries with orange, maple & spice
Perfect with pork, chicken, venison & cheeses


Festive Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries, cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves
For all your celebrations


Cranberry Compote

Whole cranberries cooked with red wine, ginger & star anise.
Enjoy with turkey, chicken, game meats & as a glaze for ham & pork.


Traditional Cranberry Jelly

Rich crimson Jelly
Savour with cheese, pate, venison & turkey


Interested in buying some cranberry product?

$10 per product or $50 for 6 products+ $10 postage and packing anywhere in NZ

Please e mail Kate with your order at:

You will receive an invoice that can be paid by internet banking or credit card . Soon as this is done, we’ll dispatch our cranberries to the address you supply.

Thanks for supporting our business!

Covid 19 and our harvest.

We’re very sorry to say- No fresh cranberries available this year.

Like everyone we have had to rethink our lives in the face of Covid 19 and make decisions that are safest for all.
Our cranberries are now ready to harvest. Normally we work with a gorgeous team of friends and neighbors for a few weeks, dodging the rain, harvesting and sorting cranberries and rushing to meet orders for fresh berries.
At the end of harvest we planned an open day and gathering for friends and neighbours at the farm. A wee party before we put the cranberries to bed for the winter. It is a busy and important time of the year and its one that we enjoy greatly.
This year it will be different. Kevin and I will harvest and sort the cranberries together.  All the fruit will go straight to the freezer and be held for processing later in the year.
At every stage  we will take the greatest care and of course,  we are adhering to all level 4 guidelines.
This means that we will not have fresh cranberries for sale in 2020.  We expect to supply frozen berries and our cranberry products as usual at the end of the year.
Thank you for understanding our decisions on this- we think its the safest and wisest way to keep everything for now.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help with.
Aroha tetahi ki tetahi!  Love and care for each other!
K& K

Waiting for Harvest 2020

When is a cranberry ripe?

Our cranberries are slowly turning from cream to crimson… But redness does not indicate ripeness. Though it does help.

Cranberries are naturally tart. Gooseberry,  sour apple kind,  make a strange face kind of tart, to be honest. So sweetness is not a good indicator.

The seeds tell us when the berries are ripe.        cranberry ripe seeds                          At the moment those little brown seeds are white… we’re waiting for them to turn toasty brown and then we will start to harvest.

Fingers crossed we’ll have a lovely sunny March here in Hokitika – we could do with a drop of sunshine!

And of course- get in touch if you’d like to pre-order or to be on our mailing list

ripening 2 2020

Ripening Cranberries Cranberries NZ


Cranberries for sale!

We’re busy in the kitchen and on the farm at the moment.

No irrigation needed for this year’s crop-mother nature is most definitely taking care of that – its one of the wettest November’s ever here on the coast.

Our products are out and about- hanging out on shelves in stores around the country- just waiting to be taken home for end of year celebrations.

                     Interested in buying direct-  click here: Buy Cranberries direct

Check out our supplier’s page if you’d like to know where to find us:

In stores around NZ






Harvest 2019

If mother nature continues to send sunshine and rain in the right amounts then we will begin the 2019 harvest in early April and fresh cranberries will be available for sale until sometime around the end of May.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be on our mailing list- we’ll won’t bug you with emails- but we will let you know about the beginning and end of the fresh season.

And- you can pre-order!

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