Super Fruit Health Benefits



The benefits of cranberries

Urinary Tract Support

Cranberry Juice reduces the presence of bacteria in urine.
The use of cranberry juice and tablets with increased fluid intake are more effective than fluids alone in preventing urinary tract infections in women studied. The cranberry products are offered as an option in the management of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Cellular health (antioxidant)

The short-term consumption of cranberry juice cocktail significantly reduces oxidized LDL cholesterol in the blood. Daily consumption of a glass of cranberry juice improves circulation by increasing the level of HDL, or good cholesterol in the blood. Daily consumption of cranberry juice drinks light is associated with a decrease in the oxidation of LDL and cell adhesion molecules (ICAM-1 and VCAM-1) in men.

Gastrointestinal health (anti-adhesion)

Daily consumption of cranberry juice showed a modest but significant attenuation of H. pylori in humans, suggesting that regular consumption of cranberry juice may help delay the infection with H. pylori in adults.

Intestinal tract health

Cocktail cranberry juice does not affect the bacterial flora healthy Gl.
Components of the drink cranberry juice can inhibit the infectivity of viruses, including rotavirus, which causes gastroenteritis.
Based on the weight, cranberries have the highest concentration of polyphenols of 20 fruits tested. The cranberry powder is also a potent inhibitor of LDL oxidation, suggesting a cardioprotective effect of its activity antioxidants.
The cranberry has the highest total antioxidant capacity (TAC) per gram compared to most other common fruits.
The cranberry has the highest concentration of total PAC per gram compared to other fruits studied.
100 mg of dried cranberry juice per day for more than 8 weeks decreases serum levels of advanced oxidation protein products, indicating a protective effect against oxidative damage.

 Oral health (anti-adhesion)

A concentrate of cranberry juice inhibits the inflammatory response of the two major cell types in the gum. This dental research offers the possibility to rely on anti-inflammatory properties and cranberries support the treatment of periodontitis.
Protection of neurons
Cranberries, like blueberries, have been associated with protective effects on neurons (nerve cells). Studies in animals indicate that the use of several small fruits could inhibit or reverse the loss of communication between brain cells. It also would prevent some age-related impairment that may affect motor and cognitive aspects.